New customers

We accept credit or debit card payments by telephone. If convenient this method can be used by customers to pay for their orders. A cheque with a posted order is still accepted.

Credit Accounts

Once a relationship has been established a credit account may be offered. Payment to be made for goods by the end of the month following the invoice. We may ask for trade references and reserve the right to refuse a credit account at our own discretion.

Samples on request

This service is offered so that growers can evaluate the usefulness of the various units for growing any particular subjects, on their own nurseries. Please be as specific as possible when requesting samples as our range is too extensive to send the complete range and we prefer not to send unwanted samples. For larger samples a contribution towards carriage may be required. Quantities in cartons of Modiform and Tuku goods were correct at time of press.

Reservation of title

Goods remain the property of H. Smith Plastics Ltd until payment is received in full. 23 If you require smaller quantities than are listed please look on our retail web site :-

Storage and stacking of containers

Do not store in direct sunlight. When stacking cases for storage or transport, stack upright where possible and convenient. If stacked on their sides please remember that the customer address panel with the “part lot” symbol on it should be at the top (or underneath). Most plain cartons have a stacking instruction label. Following these rules, cartons can be stacked 5 layers high in reasonably dry conditions without undue jamming of the contents.