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6 pack Seed Trays from H. Smith Plastics

Manufacturer and supplier of horticultural plant containers  in UK

We manufacture  seed trays, half seed trays and seed tray inserts, square plant pots, multi cell packs, Danish trolley trays and packs at our factory in Essex UK. We also supply round pots, brightly coloured pots, plastic hanging baskets, troughs, plug trays, shuttle trays, carrying trays and carry packs to commercial growers, allotment associations, colleges and gardeners.

H. Smith Plastics was established in 1963 to design, manufacture and supply top quality, but economically priced plastic seed trays with inserts, and plant pots for commercial growers. The range that we manufacture at our factory in Battlesbridge in Essex includes cell packs,standard seed trays and inserts, seed trays designed to fit the Danish trolley shelf and square plant pots. These are all made from 100% recycled plastic. We also supply round plant pots, plug trays, carry trays & shuttle trays hanging pots and plant bowls manufactured by Modiform and Teku.  

Often transport for full pallet loads works out cheaper for the customer. Pallets can be made up with mixed cases, please contact us for details.

Brightly coloured 9cm, 10.5cm & 12 cm pots.  

Troughs in two sizes. 40cm & 50cm.

Vivid coloured hanging baskets 27cm only.

Our new shallow Vacapot 60 and Shallow Seed Trays have proved popular this past year.


VACAPOT  & VACAPAK are trade marks of our seed tray inserts.



Updated 16/03/2015

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